Day 5: Keep an emotional food log

Keep a 1-week emotional food log.

This is not your typical food log. While it’s helpful to know what you’re eating since we usually think we’re eating less than we are (remember all those little bites of leftover food you pick on here and there – it all adds up!) it’s also important to understand why you’re eating.

Oftentimes I find myself in the kitchen just browsing around for something to do which ends up with me eating cheese and crackers while I’m thinking about what I need to get done next.

It’s mindless madness and it causes me to eat even when I’m not hungry!

Pay attention to your emotions when you’re reaching for food especially when you’re body doesn’t need it. That’s a signal that your mind is working on something and is gravitating to food to help it manage.

Try it for a day or a week and you’ll learn a lot about your behaviors.