Day 6: Change your story

When you’re struggling with something, pay attention to the story you’re telling yourself.

Is your story true or is there another way to look at your situation? Write out a new narrative. Stretch your thinking. If it makes you uncomfortable to do this work, you’re most likely on the right path.

What is the one conversation that’s on repeat in your head? Is it telling you what it really thinks of you? (i.e. not _______ enough – fill in the blank with anything from smart, pretty, young, the list goes on!)

There is nothing about that conversation that is true or helpful. I mean it.

If you’re tired of feeling a certain way, only you can change it.

Your challenge is to change the narrative you base your life on, your decisions on. Begin with a few short sentences. Revisit them everyday to reinforce them. Treat them like your old story and put them on repeat. Let them drown our your old narrative.

It will take time to fully change your story, but it’s time well spent.