Day 7: Have a plan in place

Plan your meals for the upcoming week.

The amount of time and stress this will save you makes this habit priceless!

Because honestly, what’s worse than having dinner time looming over you and you have nothing ready, and you’re scrambling to feed your crew?

That’s when pasta is quickly boiled and snacks start flying out of the pantry because kids are ravenous and you just want to keep them happy!

A much saner habit is to spend 30 minutes once a week digging through some of those cookbooks and googling a few trusted sites to plan out your week.

You’ll feel in control, prepared, and less stressed come dinner time – and you’ll have an idea of what’s for lunch the next day when you make enough for leftovers. This is how you begin to take control of your eating habits. 

When we have nothing planned, we’re setting ourselves up to pick, graze, and consume more bad calories, and aren’t we sick of that? Plan ahead and save yourself!