AM Costanzo

Mindset is EVERYTHING!

Hi, I’m Anne Marie! (AM for short)

Interesting fact: I’m a sucker for guilty pleasure songs—as in the ones you can’t HELP but sing along to in the car but will never admit to anyone… except to complete strangers on the internet. 

Hence, me sharing my top 3 guilty pleasure songs with you:

Holding Out for a Hero — because that scene in Footloose, when Kevin Bacon’s shoelace is stuck on the tractor pedal and he can’t escape what could be a gruesome ending, all for a girl who’s got some serious daddy issues… it’s classic 80s drama I can’t resist!

• Oops… I Did it Again — because Britney.

We Built This City — “…while Cody plays the mambo…” – I don’t even know if that’s what they say but that’s how I sing it and I refuse to Google it.

And since we’re sharing, I’ve also been known to eat an entire loaf of bread for dinner by dipping it into a pot of simmering marinara on the stovetop, so there’s that. 

Who am I again?

Let’s talk experience and why I’m here, and why you’re reading this: In my first life I was an accountant, but then I realized I hated cubicles so…

… I then pulled a 180 and became a graphic designer—naturally. But the beige cubicle did me in on that one too so…

… for my third reinvention, I became a personal trainer and found myself a) no longer tied to a beige cubicle and b) doing work that allowed me to help women achieve real goals that made their lives better, and made them feel good about themselves—and therefore I was IMMEDIATELY HOOKED!!

In turn, writing became an obvious tangent career because it allowed me to connect with hundreds of women who were looking for advice on how to create a healthier lifestyle, which is absolutely something I am here for!! 

While my writing does tend to veer towards humor—for the obvious ego boost—it also helps to ease the pressure we put on ourselves when it comes to taking control of our bodies—and our thoughts about our bodies—because we sometimes tend to take life too seriously. And as my mom always told me, Boop, (my nickname) don’t take life so seriously. 

Best advice I ever received. 

So here we are, a coupla bold and sassy B’s ready to reinvent who we are because we know there’s more to life than laundry. We are not here for the laundry!

It’s time to stop holding out for a hero (because you get to be your own Hero), it’s time to stop apologizing, (because it’s ok if you did “it” again), and it’s abso-friggin-lutely time to build a new life—with mambos of course! Lots of mambos. 

If you’re dying for more of me, you can also find me here: am-costanzo and here: @mindfully_am and here: amcostanzo

So that’s me in a super small nutshell of a nutshell.

Now tell me about you—but first you’ll have to share your three guilty pleasure songs, and then we’ll go from there.