The 21-Day Bodyweight Burner Challenge!

Join the challenge that will help you create a rock-solid fitness routine with workouts that are 15-minutes or less!
I want in!

Women Who Are Personally Invited to Join This Challenge:

The empty-nester who after 32 years of raising children now has her rambunctious grandkids running through her finally pristine and well-kept house, and who is determined to stay one spry step ahead of little Johnny who’s always trying to climb into the dryer.
The one who’s sick and tired of tracking down her husband to open up the jar of pickles!
That lovely woman I met at the market who told me “Every time I step foot in the gym, I worry about sharing space with the grunting testosterone-fueled muscle heads who drop potentially lethal air droplets allllll over the shared equipment.” (and she’s done struggling to subtly remove wedgies as well.)
Anyone who’s seriously doubting their abilities to actually be able to work out consistently because it’s never happened before – I got you, boo.
All the moms who have struggled through temper tantrums, poopy diapers up the back while out to dinner, sleepless nights, growing pains, who reach for the extra-large bottle of buttery Chard to cope. (Hello soul sister!)
The girl who desperately craves accountability only a trusted friend can dish out but all she has is her Shih Tzu Moonpie licking her face every time she does crunches. 
All. of. you. who keep saying, “I just don’t have the time to workout” yet can spend an entire weekend binge-watching Ted Lasso and The Crown. (Both excellent choices!)
And of course, all the women who are having an incredibly hard time “doing it all”. It’s time to devote a slice of your time to making YOU a better, stronger, more confident place to live in! (Yes you can!)

If you’ve been struggling to make fitness a part of your day, my 21-Day Challenges can help!

Sign up today and you’ll receive: 

Daily workouts

21 days of full-body workouts that are only 15-minutes or less to help you build strength and tone up, and create that routine that you’ll soon discover you do have time for!

Text Accountability

You’ll have unlimited access to me during the challenge via text messaging. I’ll be your guide on the side, giving you friendly little nudges when you need them to help you stay on track and making progress!

Group Support

You’ll gain access to our private Facebook group, The Fit & Fab Crew! where I’ll share tips, strategies, and a heavy dose of motivation to help you get the most out of your 21-Day Challenge! 

I have a very busy schedule, but because the workouts are less than 15 minutes I couldn't let myself off the hook. I love AM's programs!!

Chris G. | Maplewood, NJ

I took the arm challenge and definitely noticed a difference after 21-days. It’s amazing what I was able to accomplish in under 15-minutes a day!

Julia H. | Weschester, NY

AM’s challenges are quick and very effective. Plus, her style is very down-to-earth and relatable!

Liz H. | Boston, MA

To have access to someone who would check in on me and keep me focused kept me motivated! I never missed a day!

Maria C. | Bronxville, NY
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