The 21-Day Summer Dress Arms Challenge

AM’s challenges are quick and very effective. Plus, her style is very down-to-earth and relatable!

Liz H. | Boston, MA

I took the arm challenge and definitely noticed a difference after 21-days. It’s amazing what I was able to accomplish in under 15-minutes a day!

Julia H. | Weschester, NY

I have a very busy schedule, but because the workouts are less than 15 minutes I couldn't let myself off the hook. I love AM's programs!!

Chris G. | Maplewood, NJ

To have access to someone who would check in on me and keep me focused kept me motivated! I never missed a day!

Maria C. | Bronxville, NY

This month we’ll focus on:



The weather is warming up and it’s time to bare our arms to the sweet summer sun! This month we’re focusing on strengthening our arms and feeling our best all summer long. 


Tame the Snacking Beast

We all have one lurking inside, waiting for just the right moment to pounce on a treat or leftover crumb from our kid’s plates. But not this month!


Organize Your Clutter

There is beauty in simplicity and clarity in cleanliness, so this month we’re cleaning out the clutter! 

Ready to take the 21-Day Summer Dress Arms Challenge?

I'm ready!