Real results from real challengers.

I took the arm challenge and definitely noticed a difference after 21-days. It’s amazing what I was able to accomplish in under 15-minutes a day!

Julia H. | Westchester, NY

These workouts are great. They’re quick, targeted, and focused, and each month the theme changes, keeping it interesting. AM is great at explaining what each exercise is and always provides modifications. Plus she workouts with you – you can hear her struggles while you may be struggling too.

Nancy R. | Westchester, NY

I love the quick workouts, they’re so easy to fit into my day, and I always feel so accomplished after each one! On days when I don’t want to workout, I push myself because they are so quick, and you’re so motivating which is a huge help. I feel great, and the 21-days flew by! I can’t wait for the next challenge.

Ashli C. | New Jersy

I just wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying this challenge.  I don’t know if it was the working from home transition, managing a busy toddler, COVID funk, or a combination of all but I was not in the best headspace pre-challenge. I have so appreciated the manageable 10 min workouts and am having great results with the food challenges as well.  I may not be perfect on them, but I am close.  And just this minimal amount of exercise is really helping ease my chronic back pain.  Appreciate the support and encouragement!!

Allison M. | New York, NY

I really enjoy that these daily workouts are kept within 15 mins since it leaves me with no excuses, they’re not difficult to fit into my day! Your daily reminders are helpful in keeping me honest, as is having to tick the box on the accountability leaderboard – it’s just the right amount of pressure to keep me showing up! And since each challenge is only 21 days, I have a hard time finding an excuse to back out! Your workouts are great and each week I saw improvements! I certainly feel a little more toned and healthier, and I’m proud of myself that I made it to the end without crumbling! Thank you!

Andrea J. | United Kingdom

I have a very busy schedule and I was afraid I would buy your challenges and then never do them… because I’ve done that with other programs! But because they were all 15 minutes, and some were even less than that, I couldn’t let myself off the hook this time around – the workouts worked. I loved them!

Chris C. | Maplewood, NJ

I would definitely recommend AM’s 21-day challenges.  The workouts are short but deceptively effective. She has helped me to make the small changes needed to see results.  AM’s style is very down-to-earth and relatable.  She makes working out fun!

Liz. H | Boston, MA

By far what helped me the most was the text accountability. To have access to someone who would check in on me and keep me focused kept me motivated! I couldn’t miss a day without feeling guilty, so I never missed a day! I also loved the stretching workout because I never take the time to stretch, but when I did it felt so good.

Maria. C | Bronxville, NY