Cardio HIIT Fitness Program!

21 workouts that will help you create a rock-solid fitness routine with workouts that are 15-minutes or less!

Have you ever said:

I don’t have the time to work out.

I need all the motivation I can get!

A routine? I could use one of those.

If so, it’s time for a new approach to fitness!

What you’ll get:


21 workouts that are 15-minutes or less so you can still do it all and then some (as us moms tend to do). This month we’re focusing on toning our arms for summer. We’ll use light weights and a whole lotta reps to strengthen and tighten! 

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Complete access to me, your personal trainer (and personal motivator!) via text messaging so that when you’re not feeling it, I’ll swoop in like a turbo booster and get you moving for 15-minutes!

The perks of joining:

  • That pair of jeans – you know the ones – won’t be as treacherous to fit into anymore! (Read Johanna P’s testament to that below!)
  • You’ll begin to notice muscular definition where there used to be none (that alone, I mean c’mon!)
  • Brain cells will regenerate, helping you to remember more and stay focused (there’s science at play here!)
  • You’ll be slaying calories even when sitting at your desk (building muscles burns more fat, even at rest!)
  • Father Time will have a hard time pinning you down (exercise makes the heart stay young!)
  • Variety! A brand spanking new challenge each month so you won’t get bored with the same old, same old! (It’s like a new season of your favorite show each month!)

I really enjoy that these daily workouts are kept within 15 mins since it leaves me with no excuses, they’re not difficult to fit into my day! Your daily reminders are helpful in keeping me honest, as is having to tick the box on the accountability leaderboard – it’s just the right amount of pressure to keep me showing up! And since each challenge is only 21 days, I have a hard time finding an excuse to back out! Your workouts are great and each week I saw improvements! I certainly feel a little more toned and healthier, and I’m proud of myself that I made it to the end without crumbling! Thank you! ~ Andrea J.

I loved that the workouts were so quick! I would do them after putting the kids on the bus and they helped me feel energized, accomplished, and more balanced – it was a great way to start my day. ~ Melissa H.

My strength has drastically improved! I feel strong! I can tell the difference even when picking up groceries. And I like how you give breaks during the challenges too, it gives me time to catch up so I don’t feel left behind. ~ Ann B.

Just wanted to let you know my smallest jeans fit. I do your routine every day, eat healthy most of the time, and don’t deprive myself of my favorite foods. Your program has really changed my body! ~ Johanna P.


Are these programs right for me?

These programs are right for all. of. you. who keep saying, “I just don’t have the time to workout” yet can spend an entire weekend binge-watching between Ted Lasso and The Crown (both good choices by the way!)

And it’s also right for that lovely woman I met at the market who told me “Every time I step foot in the gym, I worry about sharing space with the grunting testosterone-fueled muscle heads who drop potentially lethal air droplets all over the shared equipment.” She’s also done trying to subtly remove wedgies without anyone noticing… but you didn’t hear that from me!

Who’s AM anyway?

Wha… who me?? I’m your personal trainer of course! If you’d like to know a bit more, I love meditation (more in theory than in my everyday life); I cook pretty much every meal every person eats in my house, and I occasionally do it with a smile; I absolutely love it when I workout so hard (and quick) that I have sweat dripping off my nose (fact: when you work out in your garage during summer with no A/C, getting this sweaty takes almost no time!); and I love animals but refuse to allow any to take up residence in my home—and my children wail on me daily about this.

Have women achieved results with this program?

Girlfriend, I have about four testimonials up above, but I get it, you need reassurance. All I can say is if you do the work, the results will come! But you have to do. the. work.

What’s the cost and do you offer refunds?

Let’s say you buy a latte at your local cafe, nothing fancy, that costs $3.50 a pop (overpriced by the way but we pay for convenience), and you buy that four times a week—so in one month, you order at least 16 lattes (we both know it’s more but you might be reading this with your husband and he doesn’t need to fully comprehend your latte habit) which means you’re spending $56/month which is WAY MORE than the membership that comes in at a steal of a price at $29/month. Think about it, instead of spending money on brown caffeinated water, you’re getting workouts that can turn you into a lethal weapon able to carry groceries up four flights of stairs—without breaking a sweat! Worth every cent. 

And if you decide to go month-to-month (don’t worry, I discuss the differences in the next FAQ), you’re still spending less—$22 to be exact. Numbers don’t lie. 

And yes, I offer refunds if you’re not happy with the workouts. (But only in lattes – kidding!)

What’s the difference between the Membership and doing these programs month to month?

Elimination of FOMO (for my non-millennial friends, that means you no longer have the “fear of missing out” on new workouts each month). You’ll be automatically signed up for each one without having to set a reminder, check my website, or heck even read my promo emails – which do come fast and furious one week each month. Save yourself all that reading time by joining the membership – it’s only $29/month.

But if you’re a commitment-phobe, I got you covered boo. You can come and go as you please for just $34/program, and no one will be the wiser. It’ll be our secret. 

Did I mention you can cancel your membership at any time for any reason and we’ll still be friends? (But refunds come in lattes! Read the above FAQ if that’s not registering.)

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