Lame Tweets, Shoulding & Happy People

A few weeks ago I boisterously proclaimed that I would, for 30 days, post on the grand Twitter feed as an experiment in my ability to be consistent.

Turns out one of the worst things we can say to ourselves is “I’m going to post on Twitter for the next 30 days” and also this: “In order for me to do “that thing”, I”m going to need a plan. Once I make a plan… “ And we’re gone. Off to bigger and better things, like laundry, Amazon.com, anything BUT making a plan and doing the thing that we should do.

I have been telling myself for WEEKS that I should post on Twitter yet here I am, a big fat disappointment to the few who flocked to my Twitter feed teeming with hope to glean insight while I hoped for a few utterances of “Hmmm, I like that tweet”. 

Instead, you were dealt a few wafting tweets that smelled worse than a can of open beans left in the fridge for two weeks – if you know the smell, you know the horror when opening the fridge – like a cake to the face.

My stalling tactic was fueled by my inability to create a plan but even worse was my thinking that I even needed a plan! I put all the wrong kind of pressure on myself in the hopes of doing it perfectly when in fact the very thing it needs is to be fumbling, imperfect, and uncomfortable AF. 

THAT’S HOW YOU KNOW… that’s when you’re on to something that’s going to change you. And yes I’m TOTALLY relating this to working out—because I know that you’ve had those failed attempts and resorted to thinking that once you make a plan… NO! I’m going to stop you right there. No plans. Just get started. 

Start moving, start tweeting, start doing the thing without “shoulding” all over it! 

This is exactly why I’m back at it – a new Day 1 post and a new commitment to keep at it no. matter. what. 

•   •   •   

There are a lot of things that make me happy but I have to say the happiest of happies is when I get to read things like this:

Allow me to introduce Johanna P, a long-time challenger who had this to say about how and why she does my 21-day challenges: (My comments are the bolded ones because I CAN’T HELP MYSELF!)

My morning workout is non-negotiable.
 (I love that!)

First I start my day by taking my dog for a walk. After my walk, I grab my water, exercise mat, weights, and ab mat and begin my workout. Exercising before work is best for me. 

Before Anne Marie, walking, hiking, and biking were my only form of exercise. (Which is not bad, but if you’re looking to really change your body, you need weights and lots of variety!)

I hate going to the gym, being in a group setting, and being a slave to a schedule.
 (Amen sister!)

Having a personal trainer is too expensive and time-consuming. (Ummm, I’m standing right here.)

A high school classmate recommended Anne Marie’s class last April.
 (LAST April! That’s how long she’s been doing these! Have I told you how much I love you, Johanna!)

The short workout is perfect and I really see a difference in my body and strength level.

I’m so much happier. My clothes fit better and I’m not shy to show off my arms.
 (Wait, I think that deserves repeating… I’M NOT AFRAID TO SHOW OFF MY ARMS!!!) 

n the past, I struggled with my weight and overeating. Working out has allowed me to eat the foods I love without the guilt. When I do overeat it’s not as damaging. 

I love that Anne Marie takes the time to explain the exercise and shows us how to modify the moves depending on your fitness level. She is available to text any questions and holds you accountable.
 (You bet your bippie I do!)

I highly recommend you give it a try!
 (I concur!)

Thank you SO MUCH, Johanna! You’re the reason I do these workouts!

If you’re on the fence about doing 15-minute workouts with me for 21-days, read Johanna’s comments again, and then sign up HERE!

Till next week – or till Monday if you’ve decided to stop “shoulding” and are ready to join the new PERKY BUTT challenge!

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