How to Get The Most Out of The 21-Day Burpee Challenge

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4 simple ways to stay motivated

There are a few ways you can tackle this challenge and it’s up to you to determine how far you’re going to take it.

My first suggestion is to make this challenge a priority. A must. An experiment you are willing to put time and effort into, no matter what may come your way over the next 21 days.

By signing up for this challenge, it means you’re serious about wanting to make a change in your life. It means you’re ready to do the work to create a body you can be confident of, and dare I say, in love with!

If you’re ready to get serious, here are a few other things you can do to get the most out of this challenge.

1. Create a Routine

I love a good routine. It’s how I performed 917 squats in a month, how I worked up to a 2-minute plank, and how I completed 200 push-ups over 4 1/2 weeks. A routine keeps me focused and on track.

Your routine doesn’t have to be complicated or disruptive to your day. Simply pick a time, or place, or event that will trigger a response from you. Meaning, commit to doing your burpees first thing in the morning, or in the corner of your bedroom, or immediately after you’ve brushed your teeth.

This helps reinforce consistent behavior. The first week you may have to consciously remember to do them, but after that, it will simply become a part of your routine. The likelihood of forgetting will diminish.

2. Set a Goal Number

By setting a goal number you’re creating a visual for your brain. My goal number is 50 burpees in a row which I think is doable while still being challenging. (Very challenging!)

Having a goal number sets the stage for you to show up and work towards something valuable. Set a number, and write it down so you can see it, or enter it (along with your name) to the leaderboard here. I created a column “Goal #”.

3. Make this a Non-Negotiable

Yes, we all have busy, hectic lives and things have a tendency to get away from us, but if you create a routine, set a goal number and commit to showing up every day, then this challenge becomes something you cannot forgo, skip, or double up on another day.

By making this challenge a non-negotiable, you can’t talk yourself out of it. In fact, if weight loss or improving your health is a priority, you’re going to want to make a list of non-negotiables to help you achieve your goals.

Don’t give up on yourself because someone or something else requires your attention. You’re just as important as that thing you’re choosing over yourself. You can spare the 5 or 10 minutes a day this will take and still get to everything else that needs your attention.

Don’t let a busy life be your excuse.

This brings me to the most important point…

4. Banish All Your Excuses!

Banish them because they’re rubbish. They’re the reason you’re not in love with your body, or why you’re always striving to achieve more but continue to come up short. They’re the things that come between where you are now and where you want to be, so toss ’em!

You have to get uncomfortable, you have to push through limits, and you have to believe that the work you’re doing will bring about a change.

Create Your Success

I believe that if we all do these four things, we can get more out of this challenge than we signed up for. I promise!

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