Two for Tuesday: Regret Hangovers, Big Hairy Goals, & Drunk Singing

Two for Tuesday is a quick rundown of either two thoughts, two things that are working for me—or not—or two steps to help you navigate away from the land of the lost and towards that “thing” that lights you up! (Basically, it’s a weekly collection of the best life advice I can offer — with a few rando things thrown in for humor’s sake! Glad you’re here 😬)

My “Bigger than Me” Why

If there’s one way to create change, there are a million ways because everyone has their own beliefs, experiences, and opinions. So what I’m about to offer up is just one simple way you can create change — but I’ll betcha it’s one of THE BEST ways to create long-lasting change!

And that’s because this one thing has worked incredibly well for me and I can’t help but share it in case you’re one of the many who are SO OVER waking up in the morning with “regret hangovers”. 🙄

What is a regret hangover? It’s waking up and immediately getting into the sh*t. It’s when your brain goes over all the things you didn’t do yesterday, and all the things you did do that were the things you always do and are the exact things you want to stop doing. (Savvy?) As in ice cream pints begin spooned into mouth while hunkering down for a hearty binge watch — foregoing a workout in favor of folding the “there’s always laundry” pile—or believing that skipping lunch is a good idea until 4 pm rolls around and there’s nothing but a block of cheese to keep you company.

Mornings like to remind us of all the things we didn’t do well the day before. And you’re over it!

I found that when I decided that having a “regret hangover” jump on me first thing in the morning like a hungry kid was no longer something I wanted to face at 6 am, I created a monstrously large motivator.

And that big motivator, the great game-changer, came in the form of a “bigger than me” why.

Now we’ve all heard about having a solid “why” but sometimes it’s too flat, too prissy, too puny. I needed one that was robust like a Viking taking down a grizzly bear during a blizzard, on the side of a cliff. Monstrously large.

That’s how you achieve big, hairy goals. Once I locked in a “bigger than me” why, I was able to go without pasta, pizza, bread, sweets, snacks, booze, and processed foods for an entire month — cold turkey. Plus, I worked out for 20 minutes every single day, and 1 hour on Sundays.

All because I created a “bigger than me” why. Try it, it’s a regret hangover killer!

Birthdays at Yankee Stadium

Last weekend we took our kids and some of their friends to Yankee Stadium for a dual birthday celebration—they’re three years apart in age, but only three weeks apart in birthdays — and we love being efficient!

Right off the bat it was a killer night at the ballpark as Arron Judge and Anthony Volpe (the new kid!) hit back-to-back home runs in the first inning. Can’t script a better opening for a crew of kiddos ready for a night of fun!

And it only got better.

During the 7th inning stretch my kids saw their names on the Jumbotron — which was the COOLEST THING EVER right up until the next COOLEST THING happened.

As we sat smack dab in the middle of the left field bleachers, we began singing Happy Birthday to the two of them and wouldn’t you know it… the entire section we were in joined in on the tune and we had the rowdiest, and loudest singing that side of the Bronx.

The smiles on my kid’s faces as 50 or so drunk 20 and 30-year-olds sang happy birthday to them with such enthusiasm was intoxicating in and of itself… I mean, when does THAT ever happen?!

And my 12-year-old — who is adorable — even had a 20-something girl call out to him specifically to have a GREAT 12th birthday!!! — the astonished open-gaped looks on his friend’s faces — insta cred!

The left field bleachers are where it’s at — I’m about ready to buy season tickets to hang with these rowdy, loyal, drunk fans because THAT’S American baseball and that’s how we do birthdays! What a night!

That’s your Two for Tuesday! Join me each week as I keep the musings popping. You may also want to get in on my Sunday Funday Letters — it’s a mimosa-clinking 🥂 good time where we chat about life, goals, and how to just get started making cool sh*t happen already!

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