The Real Reason Change is Hard

Paying attention to your thoughts is the only way to change your life.

Happy Sunday Funday!! It’s that day of the week when we come together and clink our mimosas 🥂 and talk about making some magic happen in our lives!

But before we do any great making over, before we get remotely close to ‘moving that bus’ or replacing the “before” photo to reveal the “after”, there’s one little thing I’ve learned over the last few weeks that’s going to make any attempt to change 90% easier. Magical in fact.

But first, the reality so many of us face:

Oftentimes we approach change thinking I really need to do this, this time it has to work, I’m going all in, do whatever it takes — and I know it’s going to be a total slog!

And wouldn’t you know it — that’s EXACTLY how it ends up feeling.

Like a Total. F*cking. Slog.

Case in point: I once had a client tell me on Nov. 30th — the day before she was to start a program I created to help her lose 10 pounds that gathered ‘round her midsection while she wasn’t looking — that it was going to be REALLY HARD because December is all about temptation. But she was going to try anyway, she was all in because she was tired of feeling lousy about herself and her body.

And it’s not a big shock as to how it all went…

She gained two pounds instead. Whomp.

Self-fulfilling prophecies tend to do that — they become reality.

Truth is, being 50 shades of misery before even starting to mend a few unraveling habits is the exact thing that will circle us back around to our old blimey habits. And aren’t we tired of this? Of course we are! So what do we do about it?

We’re going to rewire and fire new thoughts BEFORE beginning anything new because it’s ALL ABOUT upping the level of our thoughts before we even begin.

When I set my alarm for 5 am, if I don’t focus on the luxury of having “me time” and instead think about how much it’s going ruffle my inner sloth to pull the covers off, I’ve ruined it for myself. I’ll end up staying in bed.

Thoughts are IT. They’re the controls to our own Fortnite battle we face every day against change. If they’re not firing correctly, we’re DOOMED!

Controlling your thoughts is THE way to tip the scales in your favor.

Last month when I stopped eating pasta, pizza, bread — all those comfy carbs that somehow became staples in my life — and I told myself that living without them would be a relief — and I believed it — it made going the 30 days without all that fluff easy.

I know, it almost sounds too easy… and that’s the point! It’s easy once you’ve got your thoughts locked in.

When we begin a new routine, and we’re open and excited about it instead of dreading it, then we’re going to see change happen quickly and easily. It’s like telling the magical Universe we’re on board, we’re here for it, and we’re ready to become change masters! (And then there is simply no other way it can be.)

It all begins and ends with your thoughts.

So, tell me, what’s one thought you’re going to change BEFORE you begin anything new?

Better yet, what’s one change you’ve been trying to make that just won’t stick? (And notice your exact thoughts around that change.)

Join me each week as I keep the musings popping. You’re also gonna want to get in on my Sunday Funday Letter — it’s a mimosa-clinking good time where we chat about life, goals, and how to FINALLY stop snacking in front of the fridge while trying to figure out what to make for dinner! (Just me??)

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