I Hate Exercising… How Can I Make It More Enjoyable?!

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I hear this question a lot. Like a lotta lot. It could be argued that it’s a common theme among the entire human race. There are those few outliers I’ve come across however, and even I look at them a little-cockeyed thinking they can’t be for reals. Like c’mooooooon, nobody likes exercise that much. But there is something to be said for them… they make it look easy. They make it look… enjoyable! So how do they do it?

I won’t even go into the obvi reasons why exercise can be enjoyable (i.e., increased metabolism, muscle repair and growth, endorphins flowing through your body delivering happy cells to the brain), everyone knows it, and they don’t want to hear it. Fair enough.  

So let’s do a little digging and find the right motivation that can enjoyably get your butt into gear.

1. Stop having the back and forth conversation.

Should I go? Should I stay? Should I skip today and go tomorrow? Should I go to the grocery store instead?

These kinds of conversations need to stop. They’re energy suckers and time wasters, neither of which you have an excess amount to spare! Get yourself in order by planning out your week so you no longer have to invest in these types of unmotivating conversations. Decide how you want your week to look (i.e., I want to workout three times this week), plan it, and commit. It’s that simple. 

Don’t overthink it. Simply state it and do it. This saves you from the endless chatter that will ultimately exhaust you and make the process all that more unenjoyable. It simply takes up a whole lotta time that you just don’t have sista. 

2. Ditch the excuses.

This goes right along with number 1 but I think it deserves its own mentioning. This is another conversation you should not be having with yourself. How easy is it to go into your excuse bin and talk yourself out of going? It’s too easy! I’m so tired, I don’t have the energy today, I’m too stressed and stretched thin for time, blah blah blah. 

Don’t cheat yourself. When you decide to go, and commit to going, there is no room for excuses. Ditch ’em. Pack them up and toss them in storage!


3. Get your sneaks on. Just put them on. I don’t care if you’re in your pajamas. Put. Them. On. (You can take your pajamas off over the shoes.) What this simple action does is set your plan in motion. It’s a small action that sends a big message to your lazy brain. It says these feet are ready to go, so get up, get dressed and let’s get moving! 

4. Try something new. Go check out that class you’ve been telling your friends you’ve been wanting to try out (for mooooooonths) but haven’t yet. Now that you have your shoes on and your excuses have been stowed away, you can get on your merry way. So go and don’t look back. Nobody needs you here. We need you there. GO!

And if that class isn’t much to your liking, then go and try a new one. There are new classes, new fitness hot spots, new trends popping up all over, all the time. Trying new things is also the best way to train your body while keeping it guessing (so no fear of plateauing!) You’ll be doing leg and core work in a spin class, and stretching, and abs in a reformer class, and flowing through moves in yoga while getting your zen fired up. Try them all! I bet you’ll meet some pretty cool chicks along the way too that are just like you.. women looking for a little connection, a little space to be social, and a cool spot to get in shape. 

You could even be a fitness renegade by staring your own fitness group. Host a gaggle of your girls and hire a trainer to come to your house. I did this with a group once and I have to tell you, it was the most fun I’ve ever had! They socialized the whole time while I whipped them into shape. We all left feeling uplifted, energized and were positively glowing.

If you take these few steps, invest a bit of time researching, and commit, you can most definitely find a way to exercise and even crack a smile while doing it. You have nothing to lose!

Now I’d love to hear from you! Post a comment in the section below and let me know if this speaks to you! Or do you already do something you thoroughly enjoy and want to share? My community can only grow with your help so please help spread the love (because we definitely need more of it in this world!)


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