The 7 Day Ab Challenge: Strengthen Your Core and Boost Your Confidence in 7 Days

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Get Ready for the 7 Day Ab Challenge Experience!

Beginning on January 6th, I’m running a free 7-day ab challenge intended to help you build core strength and boost your confidence! Who doesn’t want to start off the new year by deciding to finally improve your health and take your fitness to the next level?

But I must warn you, this is about more than just abs.

This challenge is an experience that will set the tone for your entire year. 

This challenge will go deeper into creating an understanding of how your habits play an even bigger role in your life and how they influence your health. This is about taking the time to learn about your habits and belief systems. 

Do you ever notice how many times you talk yourself out of doing something because it will make you too uncomfortable? Do you ever pay attention to the daily conversations you have with yourself that are disguised as excuses?

No one wants to do split jump lunges or push-ups every day. Or get up 20 minutes earlier to find the time to do the things we’ve always said we’ve had no time to do. Or turn off the TV to go and workout for half an hour. These are things we can easily get out of because we’ve done it so many times up to this point. 

These conversations take place all the time, we’re always negotiating with ourselves, believing that our future selves will be better able to handle the ability to get uncomfortable, which releases our present selves from having to get our hands dirty.

That’s not how goals are worked on. Yes, we will achieve them in the future, but it’s our present behavior that will get us there, or not. When we keep negotiating (I’ll start on Monday, that gives me time to mentally prepare) we’re not taking ourselves seriously. We’re using excuses. Finding the loopholes and jumping through them, hoping to outsmart the fact that the only way to get things done is to begin now. 

Now. Not tomorrow or next week or next new year. Now.

This challenge is about getting you started now. Placing you in a position where you can’t say I’ll start tomorrow, or that I have no time, or that others need me first. 

All those things, those excuses, what they’re really saying is that your priorities are not focused on you, but instead on the lives of the people around you. And that’s not a completely bad thing, but it‘s causing you to put yourself, your needs, and your self-care on the back burner. 

This challenge is about learning to put yourself on your list of priorities. It’s about taking yourself seriously and placing the things you want to accomplish high up on your list, not way down below. 

You’re important, you count. Your excuses only work to avoid discomfort. And constantly avoiding that discomfort in the short-term will never get you to where you want to be in the long-term.

This challenge is so much more than abs. 

A 7-day experience is before you that is going to set you up with the tools to solidify your commitment to yourself, to your health, and to your well-being long after the challenge is over.

All you have to do is sign up. It’s that easy. (Well for now!) There will be work involved but it’s work that is going to strengthen not only your body but your resolve to commit to yourself this year.

If you’re tired of:

  • Putting everyone else and their needs before your own (and yes, that’s definitely part of being a parent but sometimes we take it a wee bit too far)

  • Lacking the time to give yourself some much-needed self-care (a facial or massage or even a few moments to just sit in silence with no devices nearby)

  • Always feeling like you have NO TIME because you’re always on the go!

  • Constantly eating out or on the go (which basically means your food lacks vitamins, minerals, and fiber)

  • Not being able to stick to a fitness routine and constantly feeling guilty about it. 

You’re ready to:

  • Find the time to begin (and stick to) an exercise routine

  • Get serious about losing a little weight

  • Help your body age gracefully (and rid yourself of the nagging aches and pains)

  • Feel confident and fabulous in your body. To love who you see in the mirror every day

  • Regain control around food and no longer let snacking take over from 4 pm on!

If you’re ready for any of that, then this challenge is for you! 

And I’m so excited to be part of the journey with you. I’m going to be with you every step of the way during this challenge in our private Facebook group page doing live videos every day, motivating you and keeping you accountable! Two HUGE helpers when taking on anything new.


As a special bonus to keep you showing up every day, sharing, supporting and doing your all-around best to make this challenge one that makes a difference in your life, you’ll be entered to win 4-weeks of free coaching from yours truly.

This challenge is huge guys! You’re going to discover that at the end of 7 days it’s so much more about abs. It’s about putting yourself first and creating healthy habits you can sustain all year long, and beyond! We’re on the precipice of a whole brand new decade and it’s up to you how you want to spend it. Would you rather be in control of your body and how you feed it, both mentally and physically, or always looking for more, unhappy where you are, knowing things could be better?

Sign up today for the challenge, it’s going to be an amazing experience!

I believe that creating the space to take care of yourself opens up pathways to greater joy, better life experiences, increased confidence, and a stronger mentality. Taking care of yourself is a privilege and it should be honored.

Sign up today!

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