3 Strategies to Help you Transform Your Habits and Become Outrageously Successful

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A quick guide on how to get the most out of these challenges.

No matter how bad you want to be successful, you must first be realistic.

Many of you are going to have days that you don’t get a workout in. And more likely than not, that day may turn into two days. 

The truth is, the first skipped day probably had a legit reason attached to it. But the second had everything to do with the conversation that played out in your head.

You let your feelings win, which is the ultimate no-no. Once we allow ourselves to let our feelings call the shots, the gateway to excuses opens up its pearly white gates and we can’t help but flock towards them. After all, they offer a sweet reprieve from having to put our bodies through the wringer when we’d rather sleep in an extra 20 minutes, or plop on the sofa after a long day. 

Listen, we’re all adults here and we know that it’s the excuses that got us signing up for this challenge in the first place. We’ve had enough of them, and we were able to create an emotion of frustration so palpable that it got us to put our names in a box and click the “Buy” button — we were ready to create a change.

Don’t let that feeling fade away. It’s still in there, and it wants to shine through. Your body deserves better, so let’s get your mind completely on board so little missteps don’t turn into you falling off the wagon, down the side of a cliff, over a waterfall, and sent out to sea. 

That’s a long way to travel back from. 

1. Grab a bag of “shhh” and use it often.

This is an incredibly useful tool to have in your arsenal. It costs you nothing and it’s always available to you. 

When an excuse or a feeling starts bubbling up — and you’re going to know when it happens because you’ll be going along and all of a sudden you’ll hesitate. Before your brain has the opportunity to question, ponder and get its hands on this excuse or feeling, with the deft precision of a seasoned dueler, one quickdraw to your bag of shhh can stop it in its track and allow you a clear path to your workout station. 

There is no need to elaborate or get curious about why your mind all of a sudden doesn’t feel in the mood to workout, that’s not of concern. Your job is to squash the habit of letting that feeling take over as quickly as possible because once it grabs hold, it’s going to take your momentum and smash it to smithereens. 

Don’t entertain the conversation. Squash it with a quick shhh.

I’ve used this trick often and it gets the job done. Occasionally I’ve had to use up a whole bag of shh, but in the end, I prevailed and felt quite the victor. 

2. Know the difference between a “want” and a “need”.

There’s a very fine line between “wanting” and “needing”. 

For example, when your kid goes careening across the kitchen floor after slipping on a banana peel and his foot is now wedged under the refrigerator and he’s screaming bloody murder, by all means, stop what you’re doing and attend to that situation. He needs you. 

Otherwise, stay the course. 

Put in the effort even though you “want” to fold the laundry/go to the market/scroll social/stay at your desk to get your work done. 

Those are distractions. That’s not to say they’re not important ,  but so is exercise. So is exercise! 

It’s not only important, but it’s also essential. It didn’t go away during COVID. If anything, it got even easier and more convenient for you to do while at home.

Knowing the difference between “wanting” to bag a workout, and “needing” to bag it will save you from canceling on yourself when you’ve had a challenging day. 

Hold yourself accountable.

This one is the. most. important. 

As Tony Robbins would put it, “Hold yourself to a higher standard.” One that demands to see change. 

This month I’ve added a new feature to the challenge to create more accountability because when you show up often, you’re more likely to see results. And I want you to show up often — and so do you. (That’s an acceptable “want”!) 

Each week I’m sending out a personal email to you where I’ll ask you three questions. (Not telling you what they are just yet!) Your job is to answer those three questions with as much honesty as you can — it’s your chance to lay it all out on the line, and we’ll either cringe together, and then work out a plan going forward, or we’ll air high-five and celebrate. Either way, it’s beneficial. 

Accountability is the Real McCoy. A study done by The American Society of Training and Development (ASTD) found that you have a 65% better chance of completing a goal if you commit to someone. 

Even better, if you have a standing accountability date with someone, your chances of success skyrocket up to 95%. That’s insane! By reporting back to someone, you can create massive change. 

And that’s why we’re here, to create change because we’re tired of the same old. And that’s why each week I am checking in with you — our standing Sunday date. 

These three strategies can help you transform this challenge into something even bigger than you thought possible. You can change your body, your habits, your feelings about yourself and your abilities, and so much more. I believe in them that much!

We’re not even one full week into this yet, and I believe you can be outrageously successful if you put a little faith in your abilities, squash excuses before they take hold, and work with me to get through the hard parts. Together we can do this!

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